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Language humor is like a double-edged sword: it can make you laugh till you cry, but it can also leave you crying because you don't get the joke.

Linguistics Jokes meme.
Linguistics Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

  1. Linguistics: because sometimes even native speakers need a translator.

  2. Her : my pussy gets wet for a guy who can speak spanish.

    Me : Bonjour.

    There's "hell" in hello, "good" in goodbye, "lie" in believe, "over" in lover, "end" in friend, "ex" in "next", "if" in life.

    Hot and cool are antonyms but both are compliments.

    What is the least spoken language in the world? Sign language.

    Of course I can read Polish, I just don't know what the words mean.

  3. Linguistics humor: where the syntax of laughter meets the phonetics of amusement.

  4. After a long career my Spanish teacher retired.

    Au revoir.

    "What is a tautology?"

    "A tautology is a tautology."

    A disastrous Thursday for the French:


    Why do innuendos and double entendres drive you crazy?

    Cause they're a Hintfinite loop.

    We all laugh in the same language.

  5. In the world of language humor, the true irony lies in the fact that the cleverest jokes are often the hardest to translate.

  6. My son asked me, "What does déjà vu mean?"

    I said, "I have a feeling you asked me this before!"

    Your accent is your voice’s font.

    It's a fact a lot of us do NOT know the meaning of the French word "pourquoi".
    Translate that into English and you'll see why.

    English lesson.

    Tsunami T is silent
    Psychology P is silent.
    Knife K is silent
    Honest H is silent
    Wife Husband is silent

    What did the English ‘c’ say to the French ‘ç’ ?

    “Monsieur, your zipper’s down.”

  7. The irony of language humor is that it often leaves people speechless.

  8. Induction: the act of inserting ducks.

    Deduction: the act of removing ducks.

    Reduction: the act of putting the ducks back.

    The word PAPA means pope in Italian, shark in Swahili, potato in Quechua and arse in Maori.
    I wonder if papa John ever shoved a hot papa up the papa of a basking papa?

    Why mexicans cant cross the border in threes?
    No trespassing.

    I hate people who use deep English just to make us feel intoxicated by exuberance of verbosity betaprutal contraption.

    In American English, the T in "Subtle" is silent because we threw that thing in the Boston Harbor.

  9. Because linguistics can be funny too.

  10. “Everyone smiles in the same language.”
    - George Carlin

    I was out walking when this Spanish guy passed by me three times. I thought whats up with him, then realised he was a trespasser.

    is Spanish the plural of wife is wives and its spelled
    which translates back to wives...
    and handcuffs or manacles...

    Whoever put the 'b' in subtle was a clever bastard.

    FUN Fact:
    Go. is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

  11. Linguistics Jokes: For the love of linguistics and irony.

  12. I used to be poor. Then I bought a thesaurus, and now I'm impecunious.

    America: We are free from the British, what should we do first?

    Someone in the back of the crowd: Let’s change our spelling.

    What language does Santa Claus speak? North Polish.

    Why is a bra singular and panties plural?

    I would love to speak a foreign language but I can't. So I grew hair under my arms instead.
    - Sue Kolinsky

  13. Bringing linguistic humor to the masses.

  14. Basically English is what happened when Vikings learned Latin and used it to shout at Germans.

    I speak 4 languages, English, profanity, sarcasm & real shit!

    "Is there a word in the English language that contains all the vowels?"


    I said to my local Baker "I would like a Sweet Pastry please'
    He said "Danish"
    I said "Oh Sorry, Jeg vil gerne have et sødt kager venligst"

    Why do zombies speak Latin? It's a dead language.

  15. Linguistics Jokes: For the witty linguists out there.

  16. Double negatives don’t make no sense...
    I am Positive about that!

    I bet my road rage would be taken more seriously if I spoke German.

    I am. Is the shortest sentence in the English language. I do. Is the longest.

    What did the goose say when his flock landed on a balcony in Brazil?
    I don’t know - I don’t speak porch of geese.

    Why do zombies speak Latin? It's a dead language.

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