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- Mom, what's a conspiracy theorist?
- Someone making fairly obvious observations that the government doesn't like.

"Conspiracy theories are the ultimate workout for your skepticism muscles. Flex them and watch the truth unravel!"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Conspiracy HUB meme.
Conspiracy HUB meme.

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  1. Unravel the Enigma: Dive into the World of Conspiracy Theories!

  2. Transgenderism is a Marxsist's depopulation cult.

    Remember, it's illegal to expose the illegal things the government does.

    Sunlight isn't toxic. Sunscreen is.

    Climate change is a scam to tax everything you do and keep you poor forever.

    World's simplest diet: the more processed the food, the less one should consume.

  3. Unlock the Secrets: Explore the Hidden Truths Behind Conspiracy Theories!

  4. Google uses you a lot more than you use Google.

    Don't take medical advice from people who think the world is overpopulated.

    Modern medicine has reached its pinnacle of success.

    Almost everyone is sick.

    The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he's in prison.

    Climate change: where the weather is always your fault and the only solution is more communism.

  5. Step into the Rabbit Hole: Discover the Intriguing World of Conspiracies!

  6. The truly rich know how to hide their wealth - that's how they remain rich.

    Feminism is the idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they serve their husband and children.

    Stop taking climate advice from celebrities who fly around in private jets.

    How to be a good climate activist:
    Step 1 - own a private jet
    Step 2 - lecture the poor
    Step 3 - fly to Davos
    Step 4 - give yourself an award
    Step 5 - make rules to make the poor even poorer
    Step 6 - don't follow the rules

    The flu vaccine was invented 82 years ago.

    We still have the flu.

    Just saying...

  7. Decode the Mystery: Journey into the Realm of Conspiracy Theories!

  8. If the world is against the truth, then I am against the world.

    Politics is simply theater for the slave class.

    Speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second.

    The exact latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza are 29.9792458°N

    Coincidence? I don’t think so!

    DON'T leave more money in the bank than you can afford to lose. FINAL WARNING...

    The biggest scam in life is paying taxes on the money we make, paying taxes on money we spend, and taxes on things we own, that we already paid taxes on, with already taxed money.

  9. Uncover the Unseen: Delve into the Depths of Conspiracy Theories!

  10. Banks don't loan money, they loan debt, leveraged on the backs of the slaves, who are farmed by the government, and lovingly "tended" to by the education, prison and justice system.

    I prefer conspiracy analyst. The conspiracies are no longer theories and playing out in real-time.

    The Pharmaceutical industry DOES NOT create cures, they create customers.

    The bankers are ultimately the ones who always win these wars, because all wars are bankers wars.

    "If your income is coming from labor rather than assets, you’re being decimated by hidden inflation."

  11. Embrace the Unknown: Venture into the Fascinating World of Conspiracies!

  12. We do not have a climate crisis.

    We have a corruption crisis. A tyranny crisis. And an orchestrated economy crisis.

    I no longer identify as a "Conspiracy Theorist."
    You can now refer to me as

    "That guy that was right all along."

    Slavery never ended it was just disguised as employment.

    You are having your purchasing power silently stolen from you via inflation.

    6 Signs You Are Mentally Enslaved
    1. You think you're free
    2. You think your vote matters
    3. You think police exist for safety
    4. You think public schools are for education
    5. You trust corporate media
    6. You trust "officials & experts"

  13. Question Everything: Embark on a Quest for Truth with Conspiracy Theories!

  14. If all the countries in the world are in debt...

    Where did all the money go?

    LIFE HACKS/2023 Edition
    1. If Bill Gates is involved, avoid it.
    2. If Biden says it's true, it's false.
    3. If the CDC, FDA say it's safe, it's dangerous.
    4. If congress makes a law to help you, it will eventually hurt you.
    5. If the media agrees, it's a lie.

    If you haven't found the rabbit hole by now, you're not looking for it.

    "Read the books they want to ban."

    Government: We injected you with poison.

    Sheeple: Can I get my 5th booster now?!

  15. Join the Curious Minds: Let's Explore the Intrigue of Conspiracy Theories Together!

  16. If it's illegal to financially support a "criminal terrorist group" why am I still paying taxes?

    Just asking for a friend.

    I need new conspiracy theories. All my old ones came true!

    Like income taxes, passports were a "temporary" war measure.

    Remember, if it's connected to the internet it can be used to spy on you.

    Every politician with ties to the World Economic Forum should be arrested on suspicion of high treason.

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