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"Hip hop is the voice of the streets, as long as those streets are lined with gold and designer clothes."

- Jay-Z

Rappers Jokes meme.
Rappers Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-22.

1. Enjoy the funniest jokes from the world of hip-hop.

I’ve got a pet donkey that listens to Dr Dre, smokes marijuana and stays out all night.

He’s such a badass.

I asked my Chiropractor what kind of music he listens to.

He said mostly hip pop.

Always remember that when you mix country with rap, you get crap!

Most of Europe's hip hop studios are located in Prague.

It's a Bohemian rap city.

What do you call Snoop Dogg in a hot air balloon?

Higher than usual.

Post Malone has canceled his tour.

Does this now make him postpone Malone?

Q: Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
A: MC Hammer.

Cardi B’s sister used to spy for the Russian government, but refuses to talk about it publicly
They call her ‘Cagey B’.

The rapper Jay Z has retired. Changed his name to Lazy...

Music is just like candy...

It's great, once you get rid of the rapper.

What do you call Snoop Dogg in a hot air balloon?
Higher than usual.

Dr Dre is the most believable doctor we’ve seen on national TV in two years.

Can't touch this.
Can't touch this.
Can't touch this.

- MC Hammer, guiding a museum tour

Did you know Cardi B has a sister who’s a fitness instructor?

Her name is Cardi O.

Q: What do you call a fish who raps?
A: Swim Shady.

2. Rappers Jokes: Groove to the Rhythm of Hilarious Humor.

What sort of music do frogs like? Hip Hop!

Who was Einstein's favorite rapper? E=mc hammer.

Shout out to all Hip Hop DJs for starting from scratch.

What do you get when you combine country and rap music?

What does Missy Elliott say when she's selling ice creams?
Get your free cone.

Sometimes I STOP when it's not even Hammer time.

What do you do when your fruit spread goes flat?

You gotta pump up the jam.

Is it bad that everytime my daughter asks me if I have $.50, I have to fight off the urge to say "No, but you can find him in the club."?

50 Cent should release a fragrance and call it 50 Scent.

The rap artist wasn’t upset about the red stain on his pants because he just dropped a beet.

I hate going to MC Hammer's house. He wont let me touch anything.

Boy, Can I go to a 50 Cent concert?
Father, Sure, Here's a dollar,
Take your sister.

What kind of music do chiropractor’s like?

Hip pop.

What did Jay-Z call his wife before they got married ?


Why does a Piano player called 'Pianist', but a rap singer doesn't called 'Rapist'???

3. Get your funny bone ready for a rap-filled laughter extravaganza!

I admit I don't always whoop but when I do.. there it is.

Q. What does a warlock farmer rap about?
A. Witches and hoes.

Q. Why did the rapper go into farming?
A. Now he can produce his own beets.

Q. Why did 50 Cent declare bankruptcy?
A. 'Cause he didn't have a dollar to his name.

Q. Why did the tween-age hip hop artist do an entire album about soap?
A. So that the lyrics would all be clean.

Q. How is music like candy?
A. Ya toss the rappers.

Q. Which rapper is always cold?
A. Ice Cube.

Q. What does a rapper like in his drinks?
A. Ice Ice Baby.

Q. What sort of music do frogs and toadies croak about?
A. Hip hop.

Q. What do you call an iguana that throws down a quick beat?
A. A rap-tile.

Q. Which music genre do chiropractors enjoy most?
A. Hip Pop.

Did you hear about the rapper who made an album while in prison? Unfortunately, everyone who bought it was jailed because now they had a criminal record.

Q. Why do rappers date chicks in the IT department?
A. 'Cause they know how to back it up and dump it.

Q. Which rapper always gives away four cans of beer?
A. 2Pac.

Q. Why is it called rap music?
A. 'Cause the C fell off.

4. Hip hop: where rhymes are tight and pants are saggy.

Q. What's the difference between a joint and rappers these days?
A. You get more than one hit out of a joint.

Q. What happened to the rapper who used cannabis infused citric chewing tobacco?
A. He spit out some dope lines.

Q. How can you tell is Bigfoot a rap fan?
A. He likes to knock on wood.

What do you call a gassy Egyptian rapper?
Tootin Common.

Why did the rapper thank the sidewalk in his acceptance speech?
Because it kept him off the streets.

Who you gonna call a rapper that solves paranormal mysteries?
Ghostbusta Rhymes.

Who is the least self-assured rapper?
Tupac inshakur.

I invited a bunch of rappers to my party. Most of them showed up, but Notorious B.I.G. couldn't make it.
That's ok. No biggie.

Why do rappers wear all that fake gold on stage?
Faux show.

What's an amphibian's favourite rapper?
Snoop Frog.

What is toothpaste's favorite rapper?

Im going to be a rapper called Lil Shit
When people ask why i will say i get inspired by what my mom calls me.

What did the rapper forget when going on holiday?

What do you call a rapper that raps about physics?

If I were a rapper, my rap name would be

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