Spring Jokes - Blossom into Laughter with Seasonal Humor.

Don't let the April showers dampen your spirit.

"April showers bring May flowers? More like April showers bring May allergies."
- Ben Affleck

"April showers bring May flowers? I prefer droughts."
- Jeff Goldblum

Spring into fun with our collection of Spring Jokes that celebrate the season of renewal, fresh blooms, and longer days.

Enjoy leafy laughs and flower puns!

Spring Jokes meme
Spring Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

  1. Spring has sprung, and so have our rib-tickling jokes!

  2. We all sprang from apes, but you didn’t spring far enough.

    It's called Spring because the temperature bounces up and down...

    My mattress is getting pretty worn out -- I really should spring for a new one.

    I want to be buried in a spring loaded casket filled with confetti.
    I just want a future archaeologist to have a great day.

    When's the best time to buy a trampoline?
    At the Spring sales.

    I’ve finally gotten rid of all my Winter fat .... it’s all now Spring rolls!

    Finally my winter fat has gone...

    Now, I have spring rolls.

    I'm such a rebel, I eat spring rolls in winter.

    Do you know how to make a water bed more bouncy ?
    Add spring water.

    Saw on the news that water beds are trending again. Apparently, new technology has made them better for your back than previous models. They figured out a way to make them more firm and bouncy. Turns out, the new ones are filled with spring water.

  3. Spring into laughter with our hilarious jokes!

  4. What’s the difference between spring rolls and summer rolls?

    You wanna make your water bed more bouncy?....add spring water.

    Trees are relieved when Spring comes.

    A blind man went to a restaurant.
    "Menu sir?" Asked the owner.
    "I'm blind. Just bring me one of your dirty forks.. I will smell it &
    The confused owner got a fork. The blind man smelt the fork with a deep breath. "Yes, I will have the lamb with seasoned potatoes and spring vegetables.
    "Unbelievable!" thought the owner.
    The blind man ate and left. 2 weeks later the blind man returned.
    The owner, wanting to see how good his smell is, quickly went to the kitchen where his wife Brenda was cooking.
    He said, "Do me a favor and rub this fork over your private part!", which she does!
    He then goes to the blind man and gives him the fork. The blind man takes it, puts it to his nose and says "Fuck me"..., I never knew Brenda worked here!"
    Owner fainted.

    How do you make a waterbed more bouncy?

    Use spring water. ⛲

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