Hipster Jokes - Unleash Your Inner Trendsetter!

Unleash your inner hipster.

"I don't always drink coffee, but when I do, it's from a mason jar and I'm wearing a beanie."
- Ryan Gosling

"I was into kale before it was a superfood."
- Gwyneth Paltrow

Hipster Jokes meme.
Hipster Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-22.

  1. Hipster Jokes: Because being mainstream is too mainstream.

  2. "My girlfriend? You wouldn't know her. She's a bit underground."
    ...said the hipster necrophiliac.

    Why did the hipster throw away his math book?
    He found it too derivative.

    I almost put my foot on the bathroom sink earlier, then remembered I'm not a millennial.

    Flipped my pillow to the cool side and found some hipsters crafting IPAs.

    I drank tea before it was cool.
    ...mostly cuz I dont like cold tea...

    I farted in a room of hipsters.
    I watched them fight each other over who heard it first.

    Q: What do you get if you cross a fridge and a hipster playlist?
    A: Cool music!

    Q: What do you get when you combine a Starbucks and Yoga class?
    A: I don't know, but there's probably a hipster close by.

    Q: What was the hipster doing at the computer?
    A: Looking in the recycling bin for something retro.

    Q: How do you know if Shakira is still cool?
    A: Hipsters don't lie.

  3. Get your daily dose of irony at Hipster Jokes, before it becomes mainstream.

  4. Q: Why do hipsters love using the subway?
    A: Because its underground.

    Q: What do you call a dictator who wants to save the environment?
    A: Adolph Hipster.

    Q: Why do hipsters only use the microwave.
    A: They don't like conventional ovens.

    Q: How do you get a hipster to eat a hot dog?
    A: Put it in a man bun.

    Q: Why are all the ugly chicks hipsters?
    A: Because beauty is just too Mainstream!

    Q: Why do hipsters love ice?
    A: Because ice was water before it was cool.

    Q: What do you call a hipster with a speech impediment?
    A: Mumblr.

    Q: What do you get if you cross a hipster with a vampire?
    A: Count swagula.

    Q: How do you kill a hipster?
    A: Stab it with a Pitchfork.

    Q: Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
    A: He drank low fat non whip frapp before it was cool.

  5. Hipster Jokes: Where laughter is the trendiest accessory.

  6. Q: How much does a hipster weigh?
    A: An instagram.

    Q: Why did the hipster leave his oceanside mansion?
    A: It was too current.

    Q: How do you drown a hipster?
    A: In the mainstream.

    Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A: You wouldn't know, it's kind of an obscure number.

    Q: Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
    A: Because he ate his food before it was cool.

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