Karen Jokes: Hilarious Tales of the Infamous Customer.

The antidote to entitled behavior.

"In the world of business, tough customers are a reminder that no matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone."
- Scarlett Johansson

"Being a tough customer is like wearing a crown made of complaints - it may make you feel important, but it also weighs you down with negativity."
- Ryan Reynolds

Karen Jokes meme.
Karen Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

  1. Karen Jokes: Because laughter is the best customer service.

  2. What's a Karen's favourite drink ?
    Whine .

    “Karen” shuts up and quits complaining when Chuck Norris enters the room.

    Calling someone Karen is boring, call them cunt like an adult.

    What does Karen and Karma have in common?
    They both can be real bitches and bite you in the ass.

    What is racist Karen's favorite movie?
    Minority Report.

    Why did Karen complain to the store manager about her photocopier?
    She didn't like its tone.

    What’s the difference between a Karen and a puppy?
    Eventually, the puppy will grow up and not whine as much.

    An anti-vaxxer, an entitled woman, and a Karen walk into a bar
    She demands to speak to the manager.

    Why doesn't Karen use a dildo?
    To come plain.

    What does Karen do when she wants to see all her friends?
    She closes her eyes.

  3. Karen Jokes: Where comedy meets customer complaints.

  4. What city do all Karens come from?

    What's the difference between COVID and a Karen?
    One's a contagion, the other's a cunt aging.

    Karens husband dies. After a few days, she starts missing him, so she buys an Ouija board and contacts her husband.

    Karen: Honey, can you listen to me?

    Husband: Yes

    Karen: Are you happy in afterlife?

    Husband: Yes

    Karen: Is it better than your life on earth?

    Husband: Yes

    Karen: Nice. So how's heaven?

    Husband: Who said I'm in heaven?

    Why are Karen's so bad robbers?
    Because they don't wear a mask.

    In France, we have Karens too
    They are called "American tourists".

    What is a large group of Karens called?
    A homeowners association.

    Why did Karen press Ctrl+Alt+Delete?
    She wanted to see the task manager.

    What kind of clothing do Karens wear?
    A lawsuit.

    What’s the male version of a Karen called?
    I don’t know but a group of them is called a Senate.

    Karen goes to the psychic...
    "Two men, Bob and Carl, both want to marry me. Who will be the lucky one?"

    "You will marry Bob. Carl will be the lucky one."

  5. Karen Jokes: Making demanding customers a little more bearable.

  6. Karen came into my restaurant the other day and asked, "Can you tell me about the menu please?"
    So I kicked her out and told her that the men I please are none of her business!!

    Karen: Doctor, I've not been feeling well lately
    Doctor: Well, I've looked at your lab reports and I'm afraid I have some bad news...

    Karen: Don't give me this labs nonsense, you bureaucratic paper pusher! I don't believe Western medicine anyways! I've been following homeopathic medicine, faith-based approaches, and healing crystals all my life, and they never let me down. Now, will you do things my way or do I need to talk to the hospital management?

    Doctor: Sure, sure, lady. We'll do things your way. Does an astrology-based approach work for you?

    Karen: That's better! Of course it would!

    Doctor: What's your birth sign?

    Karen: Cancer.

    Doctor: Well what a fucking coincidence.

    What's a Karen's favorite drink?

    What do you call a group of Karens?
    A waste of space.

    How many Karens did it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    She just holds the lightbulb in the socket and expects the rest of the world to revolve around her.

    - What is a Karen called in Europe?
    - An American.

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