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Do you speak English?

Abdul Aziz.

Three to five times a week.

No, no...I mean male or female?
Yes, both male and female

Holy cow!
Yes, cows, sheep, and goats.

But isn't that hostile?
Horse style, doggy style, any style!

Oh dear!
No, no! Deer run too fast...

“Just got a holiday to that fab place in the Middle East!”


“No, won them in a raffle”.

An Egyptian band called The Scarab Beatles, have a new hit song...Drive My Ka.

I met a really great Dairy farmer in Qatar.
He was a Milk Sheikh.

What flavour crisps do Arabian royalty like?
Sultan vinegar.

In Saudi Arabia, our pick up lines are, Girl are you a terrorist? Cuz you da bomb 💣

Q. How do you say "Alice in Wonderland" in Arabic?
A. Fatima in the house.

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