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My friend says he has a cloud fetish, but I think he just likes daydreaming.

I've developed a sock fetish. My life is full of unmatched excitement.

I have a technology fetish. My phone is my soulmate – it's always vibrating for attention.

Fetish Jokes meme.
Fetish Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

  1. Laughing our way through kinks and quirks.

  2. I have a bird fetish.

    I can scarcely contain my libido when​ I look at chicks.

    What’s the difference between necrofilia and choking fetish?

    15 seconds.

    I once knew a girl with a fetish for synnesthesia.
    Eventually, she came to her senses.

    I'm embarrassed by my donkey fetish.
    Sometimes it makes me feel like an ass.

    I knew my fetishes were getting out of hand, when I spanked a statue…
    I had hit rock bottom.

  3. Embrace the awkward, giggle at the kinky.

  4. My friend with a poop fetish asked me for a favour.
    ‘Do me a solid’, he said.

    I have a sexual fetish for intellectual breakthroughs.
    I struggled for a while, but then I came to a realization.

    I have a fetish for magnets.
    I don't know why, I just find them attractive.

    The wife said she's leaving because of my sexual fetishes
    I said fine! Don't forget to slam the door on my cock on the way out.

    What is Princess Leia's favorite sex act fetish ?
    Giving Han Jobs.

  5. Safe words and punchlines: our specialty.

  6. You know what they call a foot fetish in Paris?
    They got the metric system, they wouldn't know what the hell a foot is.

    I've developed some really weird fetishes lately.
    What have I come to?

    What was the jazz singer’s fetish ?

    Yesterday i found out that i got a foot fetish.
    Because i like Mentos.

    I never thought I'd have a fetish for collecting data on people.
    But then I came to my census.

  7. Whips, chains, and witty refrains.

  8. I have a foot fetish...
    I have tried using meters but it just doesn't work for me.

    My wife recently left me because of my pasta-touching fetish.
    I have been feeling cannelloni.

    My ex girlfriend had a role playing fetish. She liked to dress up as herself, and act like
    a fucking bitch.

    What happened to the guy who had a fetish for population statistics? He finally came to his census.

    What's a British spy's secret fetish?
    Bondage, James Bondage.

  9. Where eccentricity meets hilarity.

  10. My girlfriend broke up with me because she found out I have a fetish for feet.
    I think maybe we just got off on the wrong foot.

    Tips for Americans dating European women:

    1) Do NOT compliment her fanny
    2) Your foot fetish is a 30.48 cm fetish

    So, you have a pee fetish?
    Well urine luck!

    If someone with a toe fetish cheats on you
    Does that mean they got off on the wrong foot?

    It's not fun competing with masochists with foot fetishes.
    They really like the taste of defeat.

  11. No judgment, just jokes – even the kinky ones.

  12. Would an obsession with the imperial measurement system be considered a foot fetish?

    What do you call a guy with a plant fetish?
    A Weed Whacker.

    Did you hear about the rapper that had an asphalt fetish?
    He came from the streets.

    My neighbour has a fetish for holidays.
    I thought he was just jealous when he asked "Can I come in your suitcase?"

    Study finds that the most popular fetish among Millennial is...
    Role playing as a couple that owns a house.

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