Funny premature ejaculation jokes: for those who like to finish early.

Funny jokes about Preejaculation: Get ready for a good laugh that lasts!

They say practice makes perfect, but with premature ejaculation, it's just practice makes perfect timing.

Premature ejaculation: when your performance is shorter than the commercial breaks.

I don't have a premature ejaculation problem, I just have a really fast finish line.

Premature ejaculation Jokes meme.
Premature ejaculation Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

  1. Our Preejaculation jokes and puns may be quick, but they'll make you last longer.

  2. I've been having treatment for premature ejaculation.
    I'm getting better now, but it was touch and go for a while.

    Why is a small cruise ship like a guy suffering from premature ejaculation?
    Both of them only need a couple of tugs.

    So I was listening to the radio the other day and an ad came on: “Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction?”
    And I thought to myself, “No but my girlfriend probably does.”

    I told the job interviewer I had premature ejaculation.
    Apparently that's not what he meant by 'shortcomings'.

    Does Santa have a problem with premature ejaculation?
    I keep hearing about how sometimes he comes early.

  3. Join the club for those who cum and finish first: funny premature ejaculation jokes.

  4. I ordered a book online about premature ejaculation
    It came in the mail.

    It makes sense why women hate premature ejaculation so much
    Our whole lives we're taught that nothing worth having comes easy.

    What do you call a military man's premature ejaculation?
    A dishonorable discharge.

    I heard there’s been a lot of jokes in our premature ejaculation support group lately.
    But when I came, everyone just shut up.

    I have a problem with premature ejaculation.
    I know it came out of nowhere but i wanted to share it with everyone.

  5. Our dirty jokes are like premature ejaculation cumshot: quick, but satisfying.

  6. I went to a conference on premature ejaculation the other week...
    Got there 5 minutes early but the conference had already finished.

    I previously suffered from premature ejaculation my GF got me some cream that reduces sensitivity
    It 100% totally work's now i don't give a fuck about that bitch.

    A man was admitted to the hospital suffering from premature ejaculation. The doctors said it was touch and go.

    So this guy with premature ejaculation comes out of nowhere
    That’s it... that’s the whole fucking joke.

    I just read an article about premature ejaculation during masturbation.
    It might come in handy.

  7. Premature ejaculation may be a problem, but our jokes are always on point.

  8. What does a drum solo and premature ejaculation have in common?
    You know what's coming but there's fuck all you can do about it.

    I told a joke about premature ejaculation, but nobody laughed.
    ...What, too soon?

    I went to the premature ejaculation support group and nobody was there.
    Turns out I came too early.

    I called the premature ejaculation support group to find out what the dress code was.
    Apparently, most members just come in their pants.

    I just told my new girlfriend that I suffer from premature ejaculation...Fair play to her though she took it on the chin.

  9. We don't judge, we just make jokes about premature ejaculation.

  10. I was invited to the Premature Ejaculation Society’s Dinner. I asked what the dress code was and told to just come in my pants.

    I went to a premature ejaculation meeting tonight. Turns out it’s tomorrow.

    I didn't know what to wear to my premature ejaculation society meeting, so I just came in my pants.

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