A Cleavage of Humor: Jokes for Fans of Fine Breasts.

Busty Humor to Lighten Your Load.

Boobs make the world go round. And boobs make the world stop.

Titties are like a good book, you can't judge them by their cover.

Hooters are like headlights, they're meant to shine bright.

Tits Jokes meme.
Tits Jokes meme.

Weird never felt so funny.
- Updated: 2024-07-20.

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  2. Bras are measured in cups because they have milk in them.
    True story bro.

    My neighbour with huge boobs has been walking around topless all day in the garden.

    I wish his wife would do the same.

    A woman goes to the doctor who asks
    what do you need help with today?

    She replies I have recently sprouted 10 additional breasts, and now have 12, you gotta help me doc!

    The doc replies

    Wow, that definitely complicates things, dozen tit!

    Having boobs helps me avoid having unwanted eye contact.

    I once dated a girl who had bad eczema on her chest.....

    Lovely girl, cracking pair of tits.

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  4. Just saw my next door neighbor with big boobs, laying topless by the pool.

    Just wish his wife would do the same.

    The sight of a woman's cleavage reduces a man's ability to think clearly by 50 %

    Per boob.

    My girlfriend says, the new breast implants make her feel uncomfortable.

    But, I think I look sexy.

    Having boobs helps me avoid having unwanted eye contact.

    A German study concludes that staring at women's breasts for 10 minutes a day is better for your health than going to the gym.

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  6. A boob, vagina and asshole are debating who is the greatest.
    Boob: I produce milk for babies and I am attractive to the opposite sex.

    Vagina: That's nothing, I give birth to babies and can accommodate the opposite sex.
    Why are you still scrolling down? It's your turn to speak.

    boobs are proof that i can focus on two things at once.

    I wish my girlfriend wasn't so obsessed about her breast size. Even a trip to the car dealership became embarrassing.
    She told the guy she wanted something that'll get her from A to B.

    Wife: I can't believe it, first I am diagnosed with dyslexia.

    Then I find out I have tiny tits.

    Husband: Tinnitus babe Tinnitus..

    Why do some men call breasts headlights?
    Because when they see them they brighten up their day.

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  8. What is the unit of measure for time traveling breasts?

    What do you call an ink drawing on a woman's breast?
    A tittoo.

    Cleveland is the area between a woman's breasts.

    Everyone knows beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but what are in the hands of the beholder?

    I got kicked out of a titty club.
    The stripper started yelling at me for using fake money, so I yelled at her for using fake titties.

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  10. What do ghosts call their boobies?

    Paranormal Entitties.

    I am doing a bra giveaway.

    Send me pics of your boobs and I'll see if I have something that fits you.

    I was at my local tennis club today and a young man came up to me and said "I'm a ball boy"
    I said "Are you? I'm more of a tit man myself but whatever floats your boat!"

    Boobs are the happy place for a sad face.

    It must be hard to judge a wet t-shirt contest... I saw one recently and all the t-shirts looked equally wet.

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  12. Chestnut: A man who is obsessed with female breasts.

    If boobs weren’t meant to be looked at, they wouldn’t be in the front.

    What size boobs do mermaids have?... a size "sea".

    What do you call boobs on a ghost?
    Nothing. Just a paranormal boobs.

    Men are the weaker sex.
    They have no boobs to flaunt.

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  14. When she is talking to me without bra I automatically start seeing her points.

    This nude zero-gravity training exercise has gone completely tits up.

    I never understood why my wife grabbed her boobs when going down the stairs until I grew my own set during quarantine.

    Why are the saggy boobs angry?
    Because they never get any support.

    Did you hear about the woman caught by police with drugs in her bra? They said it was the largest bust ever.

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  16. You have to eat both sides of the Twix or the uneaten side gets lonely. Like boobs.

    Q. What kind of Bees produce milk?
    A. Boobees.

    I'm looking for a woman who has great tits and swallows.
    Signed: Ben the ornithologist.

    What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with tits?
    Ones a crusty bus station and the others a busty crustacean.

    I'm doing a free Bra give away.
    Send me a picture of your tits and I'll see if there's something that fits you.

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