Embark on a Fartastic Journey of Jokes.

Gas up on laughter with us!

Life is like a fart - it stinks, but it's funny at the same time.

Farting is nature's way of saying, 'Let's break the ice!'

Sometimes, a fart is the only contribution you can make to the conversation.

Fart jokes collection.

Let the laughter rip with our fart humor.

It's never EVER a good idea to fart during a 69.

That's how they found me underneath their bed.

My greatest fear is that I lose the power to fart silently.

An average person farts 13 times a day.
Finally i am above average at something.

I thought I was on The Voice this morning

I farted on the bus and four people turned around.

I just won a farting contest.

The judges were blown away.

We'll make you laugh until you toot your own horn.


Usually when I lean in like I’m interested in what you’re saying, I’m actually just farting.

You're not strong until you hold a fart while you're getting head.

I got a new stick deodorant today.
The instructions said: Remove cap and push up bottom.
I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells lovely.

If you're alone and feeling lonely - fart. Someone always walks in after you fart.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to fart humor.

Happiness comes from within.

That's why it always feels so good to fart.

FUN Fact:
Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.

The only time that my wife screams my name in bed is when I fart in my sleep...

I'm so broke I have to fart to have a scent in my pocket!

I felt like I was on the voice today!

I farted on the bus and 4 people turned around.

Our jokes are so good, they're a real gas!

It's very rare that I hope my wife has farted.
But I'm praying that smell coming from the kitchen isn't
my fucking dinner.

Fun fact:
Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.

My wife says after all these year’s I still take her breath away.
Good to know my farts are sill effective!

My wife just sent me a strange text message.

"There's a man on the bus next to me who keeps farting."

I replied, "That's okay. At least he isn't on your bus."

The intimacy of farting in the presence of each other.

Laughing is the best way to clear the air.

How do you know when a moth farts?
it flies in a straight line....

I am the type to fart in a crowded train and get just as upset as everyone else.

Releasing a long silent fart as I walk through first class on the way to my economy seat is definitely my favorite part of boarding an aircraft.

I asked my math coach why she's always passing gas during our lessons.
She said, "Because I'm your tutor."

My wife pointed out when I farted.
It was an ass toot observation.

Where fart jokes reign supreme.

What do they call it when
a writer farts? A draft.

What does a Stormtrooper say when he farts?
Pew pew pew.

A human fart can be louder than a saxophone solo.
I found that out at my daughters school concert.

I farted in my wallet and now I have gas money.

What would Britney Spears say after, as usual, she let one rip? "Oops, I did it again."

Making stinky jokes smell like roses.

What do you do to get a bubble bath after dinner? Just have beans for dinner.

How do you know a clown farted? It smells funny.

What happened to the man who only ate Skittles?
He farted rainbows.

If you sneeze and fart at the same time, your body takes a screenshot.

How does NASA pass gass?
They fart using their ass-teroids.

Let it Rip, Let it Roll.

When is a fart joke acceptable?
When it doesn’t stink!

I used to cough in public to hide my farts, but now I fart in public to hide my coughs.

Why does everyone always think Piglet farted?
He plays with Pooh!

What do you call a dinosaur fart?
A blast from the past!

Why do farts smell?
So that deaf people can enjoy them too.

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